Dell Alien Slim GaN Charger 51m X15 X17 240W LA240PM200 AC Adapter

Recently, ChargerLAB got the Alienware 240W GaN Charger,
which is suitable for M15 RYZEN EDITION R5 laptop.
The charger design is traditional,
But it integrates GaN chip of GaN Systems.
So the size is pretty small.
Let's see what's inside.

Bill of materials (BOM)
Safety X Capacitor: HJC
Rectifier Controller: NXP TEA2208T
Rectifier MOSFET: Infineon IPL60R180P6
GaN FET: GaN Systems GS-065-030-2-L
PFC Boost Rectifier Diode: WeEn BYV10ED-600P
Electrolytic Capacitor: Chinsan
Master Control Chip: marked with LTA1902T
LLC Synchronous Rectifier Controller: marked with LTA1716
USB PD Controller: Angbao OB2613